I got an ask that I answered privately, but I also wanted to share publicly because it’s a good collection of links and is basically the 1D/H&L timeline condensed as much as possible. 

this is a legitimate question. I’m not trying to be rude. Wouldn’t things be easier for Louis and Harry if people weren’t always pointing out how their interactions indicate they’re together? Wouldn’t they be less restricted if we weren’t analyzing their every move? Doesn’t all this Larry speculation hurt them?

HI! This is a good question and one people have talked about a lot. No worries. I like talking about this stuff!

Harry and Louis haven’t been heavily closeted the entire time they’ve known each other/been in the band together. That’s important to know. From September 2010 to August 2011 (almost a year), they did not care what others thought. They did not have heavy restrictions. For example, just a few things that happened during this time period: 

From September 2011-May 2012, the closeting got a little heavier. It was noticeable in interviews and openly upset Harry and Louis at different times. Eleanor came into the picture and Harry was paraded around with the first of many “girlfriends.” Not surprisingly, this kind of closeting began right as they released their first single and album and signed a deal for U.S. distribution.

But Harry & Louis weren’t going to go quietly into the night. They repeatedly did things and said things to make it obvious what was actually going on:

From June 2012-March 2013, the closeting become worse. Harry & Louis were not allowed to tweet to/about each other. They were not allowed to be seen outside of work functions together. They “moved out” of their flat and into separate houses/boxes if you’re Harry Styles. Eleanor was an omnipresent figure. Harry (and Louis) had to endure Taylor Swift. 

But even in the middle of all that, guess what! They let everyone know what was really going on AGAIN! God bless!

On the face of it, April 2013 to now has been a slow march through Closet Hell. I won’t lie to you. The last 9 months have endlessly sucked in a lot of ways. The closeting reached staggering levels. They couldn’t even be seen together ON TOUR. They couldn’t touch each other on stage. They could barely show emotion to one another. 


*deep breath* WHEW. Ok, so I laid all that out to say that…this is not the consistent behavior of two people who like the closet, who are terrified to come out of it, or who are bothered by gay rumors. Things would be marginally easier if people stopped pointing out some things. But 90% of what we point out are things they do while they know they are being filmed and/or things they have actually inked permanently onto their skin. 

The bottom line is: we can’t turn back time any easier than Harry & Louis or modest can turn back time and make these two not fall in love. Some of what they have done has been blatant sexual innuendo. Some of it has been subtle touches. It’s the little instinctual things they do, like always glancing at each other when someone brings up marriage or children, that no amount of media training can erase. These two are too connected, too intertwined to totally separate. 

Ultimately, if the “Larry speculation” hurt them, they would have stopped doing these things I pointed out, not fueling the fires of innuendo every time they get a sliver of a chance.


Harry’s old instagram

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louis telling harry to change the lyrics (◡‿◡✿)  louis and harry singing to each others parts (◡‿◡✿) louis and harry starring at each other while singing (◡‿◡✿)  the dream team at it again (◡‿◡✿) 


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Because for some reason people have forgotten or overlook the fact that Louis Tomlinson is a reallly fucking good person…… 


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Louis talking about Harry in A Year in the Making.

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